Top 5 Ways To Increase Testosterone Naturally

Consistency Is Key!

I’m going to tell you, right off the bat, there is no trick that will raise your natural testosterone production 3x, 4x 5x… Although if done right these techniques can very well surpass the 2x mark.

The techniques presented in this article are practices I still do to this day, a lot of research came into this and even though they are not miraculous they sure help a lot

get big fast1 – Sleep, it’s More Important Than You Think!

I think everyone knows this one but no one really cares

Do care! Sleep is the most important phase when it comes to workout recovery!

I see so many people drinking protein
shakes, doing everything right, and then not getting enough sleep

Most of the HGH, IGF-1, and testosterone are produced while you sleep, and protein synthesis occurs at that time too

If you really want to be consistent in something, let it be your workouts and your sleep

2 – Exercise is Half of The Battle!

get big fastThis one should be obvious

All exercise helps to boost testosterone, still, High-Intensity Interval Training and weightlifting are particularly helpful.

The best exercises to boost testosterone (and also HGH) are compound exercises…

…like squats or deadlifts, these recruit various muscles, and trigger the hyperarousal also known as the “fight-or-flight response”

3 – Protein and Fat, they change it all!

Make sure you get enough protein

About 1g per KG of body-weight, believe me, you don’t need more to keep a positive nitrogen balance,

Also, don’t restrain you from fats, they’re not as harmful as popularized, in fact, they are very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4 – Get Enough Sun Exposure, or You Won’t Get Big!

best testosterone booster reviewsUnless you sit all day at home (or at the gym), you are likely to be fine with this.

Vitamin D has a particularly important role, as it works as a natural test booster.

Sadly it’s effect is limited, so within about 15 minutes of direct exposure to the sun, you will already have gotten your vitamin D daily requirement met.

BONUS: 5 – Scream!

weight gain supplementsThis one is my favorite, and although it’s the least effective method presented, it’s the funniest one.

As mentioned before, the hyperarousal forces our body to produce more testosterone, and when you scream, for example during your workout, you trigger that response, this done enough times might be quite beneficial.

Sadly I cannot tell you that testosterone increase that you should expect, as there is still very little research on this topic and because it may very well vary from person to person.

Now this one is pretty much a fun fact, so please don’t start screaming wherever you go.

You May Need Some Extra-Power..

Iweight gain supplementsf you’re trying to go beyond DIY..

And want the heavy duty stuff..

Something that can boost your test in just day, and give lasting long term benefits…

There is supplement that I can’t recommend enough.

I wrote an in depth review of it here.

It’s helped a lot of people… and it just may make all the difference for you.

Good workouts and good luck!

– Martin Marques