The Dark Truth Behind Protein

get big fastYou’ve just signed up in the gym, you see all the big dudes scream and pumping iron but…

…Something is missing…

The protein shake!

It’s time to debunk the protein myths!

First off,  I’m not disregarding proteins importance, it is just that as of right now people care more about their protein shake than their workout

And, unlike big supplement companies want you to believe, you don’t need nearly as much protein as they tell you.

The amount of protein you really need

Studies show that the average Joe only needs about 1 gram of protein per kg of bodyweight (0.4 grams per pound)

“Oh but I’m an athlete, don’t I need more protein?”

Yes you do, but not 2g per kg, research shows that elite athletes optimal consumption is only about 20% higher than an average person.

“But why are then all supplement sites saying that I need more?”

That question answers itself, profit margins are what matters at the end of the day.

Still not convinced?

Let me prove you that what I’m saying is true!

Nitrogen Balance – The real reason why need protein

This is the biggest enemy of supplement corporation, and I bet half of the people that are reading this do no know what Nitrogen Balance is!

To sum up, nitrogen balance is, obviously [Nitrogen intake – Nitrogen loss], if this balance is positive, then you are set to make gainz at the gym, if it is not, then you seriously need to change your diet.

And this is the only purpose of protein shakes, they don’t make you stronger, faster, sharper, they serve only to adjust your nitrogen balance, the moment it is positive, protein isn’t doing jack for you

“But I’m consuming 400 grams of protein a day, so I must grow bigger, than the other guys”

This is soooo wrong. First off, the only protein related reaction that affects your muscles is protein synthesis, which is when your damaged tissue heals, and thus getting stronger and bigger. But wait! Before you think something stupid, protein synthesis only uses about 3 grams of protein, and this is when tissue is severely damaged.

So as you can see, you don’t need gold standard protein powder

“But Isn’t Gold Standard Protein Better Than Other Protein?”

best test boosterWell if you’re reading this you are probably still with that beginner mindset and whatever bad thing I say about protein powders will be just dismissed by you.

So I’ll just say what you want to listen. Yes protein can differ, BUT it doesn’t matter.

Why doesn’t it matter? Because the only thing that can differ is the speed at which the protein is metabolized, and whether you are allergic to whey or not.

“But still, if I’m not meeting my daily protein macros, how do I compensate without expensive protein?”

This will depend if you are bulking, maintaining or cutting.

Protein Intake When You Are Bulking, Maintaining and Cutting


If you are cutting, I advise you to still drink protein shakes, as they have very little calories, but instead of buying the powder from a renown brand, buy a cheap one with a decent flavor, believe me,

it won’t change anything what protein you take. Protein bars are also a great aid in this, and homemade protein shakes.


If you are maintaining you can get away with eating for example, tuna, sausages, nuts… Pretty much all of the protein rich foods.


If you are bulking, hell have fun! If you are bulking it’s almost impossible not hit your macros. Go eat Burger King or something.

Now the real question

How can I maximize my protein synthesis?

This is a tricky question, and sadly people care more about protein intake than protein synthesis.

The name of our savior is leucine

The only problem is that leucine’s maximum dosage is about 17 mg per kg of bodyweight (roughly 1200 grams for the average person)…

…Even tough it’s overdose effects are unknown, taking more than about 5g has been proven useless, as it increases very slightly the protein synthesis the moment you surpass the 5 gram mark.

Other Myths

Protein is actually not unhealthy, nor is it a steroid (shocking I know)

Unlike popular belief it is now known that surpassing your recommended dosage of protein is not unhealthy, it’s just a waste of money.

It pains me to address this but, I’ve been asked before if taking protein will make your body stop producing protein.

Hell, how can anyone be so dumb!

To everyone that doesn’t know, protein is made of amino acids, and our body is not capable of producing all of them, that’s why we need to eat protein. So if we don’t even produce them in the first place, of course we won’t stop producing test booster

Wait, so If more protein won’t help get big fast, what will?

There are two other variables beside protein synthesis that will drastically change your size.

But be careful, this game should only be played by lifters that have been around for a while.

I’m talking about testosterone and human growth hormone.

“Does this mean I should buy steroids and hgh injections?”

Hell no! Unless you plan to live from bodybuilding/weight-lifting, I seriously advice you to never do that, not even trying.

I’m talking about supplementation.

Because increasing protein levels on the body won’t increase your protein synthesis, but higher levels of hgh and testosterone will surely make you bigger and stronger.

Well let’s start of with HGH

Human Growth Hormone – The Secret of The Giants

HGH won’t make you that much stronger, if taken long enough it will actually “improve” your body, your bones will get stronger, and your organs and muscle slightly too.

The risk here is abusing hgh, which can be very dangerous, if you abuse HGH and IGF-1 intake, your organs may get too strong making their muscles too tight which can lead to, for example,  serious cardiovascular conditions.

And if you did cause this conditions, you would have to wait until you are old, where the body stops producing as much HGH, and the metabolic damage would actually reverse the damage caused by HGH (that’s why old people take hgh supplements)

Now testosterone

Testosterone – The King

buy test boosterTestosterone is king, but it is still dangerous in the hands of a fool.

Testosterone won’t improve your bone density, nor will it change you organs, but it can still have serious side effects.

These side effects are not caused by testosterone supplements, nor a single steroid, these are dangerous conditions, and are only caused by playing with many anabolic steroids at the same time:

  • headaches
  • seizures
  • slurred speech

And this is the reason why I condemn steroids. If you want to take them, you are free to do so, but once you get off them, you’ll lose all that you’ve gained, it’s just not worth it.

Yet when done right, test boosting can have incredible effects, like:

  • Increase in Lean Muscle Mass Building
  • Better Recovery
  • Better Mood
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular conditions

That is why in this blog we recommend testosterone supplementation instead of hgh supplementation.

weight gain supplementsIf you want to check out our recommended testosterone supplement, I wrote an in depth review of it here.

It’s helped a lot of people… and it just may make all the difference for you.

Hope you learned why you don’t need to spend all that money on protein anymore

Good workouts and good luck!

– Martin Marques